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The Quantum Code Review 2017 – Make Thousands Of Dollars Overnight?

The Quantum Code Review 2017

This Program Can Cost You A Fortune!

Today, in my Quantum Code Review 2017, I am going to tell you exactly what you can expect if you are considering taking up this offer.

And I hope you came to my site first before you started investing anything into Quantum Code.

If you are looking for ways to MAKE money and are not very fond of GAMBLING with your hard-earned cash, don’t ever put a single dollar into Quantum Code.

Before I get into the details, have a look at my quick overview:

Quick Facts About The Quantum Code

Name: The Quantum Code
Creator: Michael Crawford
Use: Make money on the foreign exchange market (huge risks)
Who Is It For: Everyone who falls for it
Scam or Legit: Huge Scam!
My Rating: 0/10

Summary: Michael Crawford’s Quantum Code is one of the biggest scams I have seen. He claims that you can join his program for free and will make thousands of dollars overnight. But then you are forced to pay at least $250 USD. Everytime your invested money runs out, they will pressure you to invest more money.
People have lost thousands of dollars to this scam. Don’t be one of them!

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Three Easy Ways To See That The Quantum Code Is A Scam

First, just start watching the video. If you are not completely new to the online world, you can easily tell that it is fake.
Michael Crawford is not even a real person.
He is a paid actor who has been seen in other scam videos before.

Michael Crawford is an actor

“Michael Crawford” in another scam video

He claims a few times that he was featured on Forbes.
There is obviously nothing about him there. But too many people won’t bother to check.

Michael Crawford was never on forbes

“Michael Crawford” claiming to have been featured on Forbes.

Second, if you look closely, you can see that “his” private jet has been rented from the company “Sun Quest”.
Who would buy a jet that is not even comfortable to sit in, anyways?
It made me laugh out loud when I saw how cramped “Michael” had to sit in the jet.
Come on! If you make millions every month, you can do better than that!

Michael Crawford in his private jet

Enjoying the flight?

Third, they are trying to put pressure on you by showing counters on the website that make you believe, that this is a limited offer.
He even claims that this video will disappear soon.
How come it is still there then? The Quantum Code launched at the end of 2016.

If those three huge red flags are not enough for you, it is time to dig a bit deeper.
By the way. Don’t waste over 30 minutes on watching his video.
It does have some entertaining value (if you like comedy and fiction) but it is complete nonsense.

Quantum Code Makes Ridiculous Fake Promises

1. Make Thousands Of Dollars Every Day

Whenever you read or hear something that promises you riches without any real work or experience, it is a scam!
There is just no exception to it. Especially if it is “free”.
If you don’t know what you are doing, it is very hard to make money online.

I am not saying that it is impossible, but you need experience and knowledge to make money online.
Or you have to pay someone a lot of money to do it for you.

Quantum Code, however, promises you that you don’t need money or experience to make thousands of dollars every day!
They say that you will make over a million dollars in a month.

Needless to say, that this is complete nonsense.
You will not make this money, but you will lose hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

2. Quantum Code Is Free

“Michael” says that he won’t charge you anything. He is already a multi-millionaire, right?
Why would he need your money?
He is “enjoying” his time in his “spacious” private jet. (Look at him closely. He seems to be really scared.)

Well, you can really join Quantum Code for free, but then you will be pressured immensely to start with an investment of $250 dollars.
If you don’t pay those $250 dollars, nothing will happen.
They need your money to gamble on the foreign exchange market.

And that’s not all. They will email and call you to invest more and more of your money.
They will tell you, that you would have much higher chances if you would invest $5000 dollars.

Can you see where this is going?
If you don’t see through their lies, you could lose everything you have!
Don’t ever sign up for this scam!

Who Will Do The Gambling For You?

Quantum Code BinaryBook activation

Here’s where you will lose your money!

A trading service called “BinaryBook” will do the trading for you.
Never do business with them!
They are just as sketchy as the Quantum Code.
Do you want to read some interesting things about BinaryBook?
Just head over here.

There you can see that you can’t trust sites like this. Binary brokers like BinaryBook make money when you lose!
It is like gambling in a casino. The house/bank always wins!

But How Does Quantum Code Make Money Then?

Yes, they don’t charge you any money and you only give money to the binary broker “BinaryBook”.
But, BinaryBook has an affiliate program.
Whenever Quantum Code sends them a new victim and this victim gives money to BinaryBook, Quantum Code will make a commission.
So, for Quantum Code it is not even important that you make money.
All they want is that you give as much money as possible to BinaryBook.

That’s why they will pressure you so much.
They get 30% of the revenue BinaryBook makes from you!
So, from the initial $250 they make $75 dollars.
If they can convince you to pay $5,000, they get $1,500.
Not bad for doing nothing but sending unsuspecting victims to BinaryBook, right?

This is a huge business!
But not for you….only for Quantum Code and BinaryBook.

Oh, and it is not only that commission that makes them money.
They also have your credit card details, your email address and phone number.
They can put so much pressure on you and send you other scam products.

Quantum Code Is Not The First Of Its Kind

There have been several scams like this before.
The program “Free Money System” is exactly the same thing.
You join for free. Then you have to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to a binary trading company and will lose it all.

The problem is, that many people are still falling for it!

You can count yourself lucky, that you found my site before investing in Quantum Code.
At least I hope you didn’t spend anything there yet.

Read The Fine Print!

Of course, Quantum Code covers its back. You won’t be able to sue them.
They say in the fine print that you should “Not Invest Money You Cannot Afford To Lose” and that “All Forms Of Trading Carry A High Level Of Risk”.
That is well hidden and when you just watch the video you won’t hear anything like this from “Michael”.
He is very optimistic that everyone will make this kind of money. He has no doubt about it.

My Final Verdict Of The Quantum Code

It is complete nonsense, of course.
Not a single thing is true or legit about it.

I have shown you that Michael Crawford is an actor and that they just want you to sign up to that binary broker to earn commissions.
You will be the one losing a lot of money if you join this program.

Quantum Code is a scam!

Check Out A Legit Way To Make Money Online

A Legit Way To Make Money Online

Be legit and authentic!

Like all real businesses, this won’t work without any effort.
You will have to put in a lot of work and stick to it.

But it is the real deal and a huge opportunity.
I can’t promise you that you will be rich in a few weeks or months.
Heck, it could take more than a year before you make enough money to quit your job.

But isn’t that worth it?
Work hard for a few months or years and never have to work a regular job again!
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What Do You Think?

How did you learn about the Quantum Code?
Was my Quantum Code Review 2017 helpful to you?

I really hope that you didn’t fall for this scam.
Let me know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.
I am looking forward to talking to you.

All the best,

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Leo says May 8, 2017

Whenever I see something that says start earning a huge boat load of cash immediately everyday, it tickles my ‘leody senses’ of a scam incoming.
I am pretty skeptical about such schemes.

Making money easy is possible, but usually through some hard work and dedication like running your own business and set it run on auto mode after it being established.

Thanks for sharing the Quantum Code, I guess everyone have to exercise caution with so many scams and deceptions out there on the internet!


    Moritz says May 9, 2017

    Hi Leo,

    I love your “Leody senses”! Haha!

    Yes, so many of those scams are making ridiculous promises.
    That’s usually an easy way to unmask them.
    If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

    And just like you say:
    You can make money on “auto mode”, but you have to set it up first.
    This can take months of hard work and in many cases you still have to maintain it.
    It definitely will not happen overnight.

    If you, or anyone else reading this, wants a real chance to build his own online business, you should check out this.
    Try it for free before paying a single dollar for it.

    All the best,

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