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How To Build A Website

how to build a website

I want to show you how to build a website!
A website is the most important thing to have if you really want to be successful, no matter what business you want to start.

Nowadays, everybody searches online if they want to buy something, or need information.
And that is why you need to be present with an optimized website.

Build A Website For Free…

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Let’s start with the things every website needs the most:

5 Things Your Website Needs

Websites can be very complex and there are so many things you can do to make one better.
So let’s break it down into a few simple points and build it up from there.

(1) Speed

There is nothing more annoying if you have broadband internet, but the site you are visiting is just not loading. Many people will leave a site if it is not fully loaded within a few seconds.
Make sure that your website is loading quickly. There are several important things on this topic, I will share with you soon.

(2) Professional and Clean

With professional I don’t mean a flashy or sophisticated looking site. You don’t need to hire an expensive web designer, but you can take almost any WordPress theme to get a great looking site.
You have to be careful, though, that your site is clean and the focus is on the content. It doesn’t help to have loads of animations and popups if visitors get distracted by it.

(3) Easy Navigation

Many sites have loads of buttons everywhere and huge menus. Don’t make the same mistake!
If your reader loses his way and can’t find what he is looking for, he will go to your competitor!

(4) Use a CMS

A CMS is a Content Management System. One of the most used CMS is WordPress. Yes, the site you are looking at right now is made with the help of WordPress.
The advantage of a CMS is that you don’t need to be able to code AT ALL! You can simply focus on writing your articles and the CMS will do the rest.
There are thousands of free themes available for WordPress, so you can easily build your website for free!

(5) Quality Content

All the points above are worth nothing if you don’t have quality content.
Quality content doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect. You have to be honest with yourself and your visitors!
Take my website here as an example! You can get all my advice for free! I will never ask you to send me any money!
I am here to help you and I make sure that you really learn how to build a website here!
Quality Content means that you give your visitors the answers they are looking for. If I ever should not do this in your opinion, please tell me so in the comments!

helpful tips


Build A Website For Free Right Now!

Building a website used to be a nightmare a few years back. You either had to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and many other coding languages, or you had to pay a lot of money.
Luckily that has changed!

You can build a website within seconds now.

See How To Do It Here

Of course, a website still needs work after it has been created, but it would take many hours to code all this by yourself.
Remember that your focus has to be on your content!

Do watch the video I linked to above and see how easy it really is.
The best about it:

It shows you a 100% free way of building and hosting a website!

Go and get your website going and don’t forget:

This article is only the beginning!

There will be many more articles about how to build a website. Maybe, by the time you are reading this, there are already loads of articles in which I share all the tips and tricks you need to succeed.

Ask For My Help

Do not hesitate to ask me, if you feel like you are stuck.
I am here to help you with your website and how to get your business going.
Leave a comment below, or contact me here.

I will get back to you as fast as I can.

Your friend

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Margaret says August 14, 2016

This is a really good post and you have set out the steps on how to build a website very clearly. I think alot of people still think they have to learn HTML code (or whatever the heck it is called now) and it scares them away don’t you? I liked that you added that there needs to be quality content. That is very important. You have some really great posts on your site and I am bookmarking it for future reference.

    Moritz says August 14, 2016

    Hello again, Margaret.
    When I found out about this great and easy way of building a website, I was really surprised and happy!
    I learned the basics of all those languages, but using WordPress is so much easier and faster. I really don’t want to miss it!
    Talk to you soon.

Warren says September 11, 2017

Great points all.
I really like that you mention things like it has to look clean and professional.
Too many people concentrate on bells and whistles and just plain flash. 

This is all distracting to someone who is trying to read what you are saying. 

You have taken some of the magic out of websites. They definitely aren’t the mystery they used to be when you have something like WordPress.


    Moritz says September 11, 2017

    Hello Warren,

    yes! Plain and simple is always the best.
    Especially when people start with a new site! They should just focus on their content and let a simple WordPress theme do the rest.

    Who cares about the design when you don’t have visitors, right?
    So, get yourself out there first.
    Once you are getting traffic, you still can tweak the visuals of your site.


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