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Be Your Own Boss

So many dream about it! What would life be like, if you could be your own boss?
When you have read my About Me page, you know that I still have a regular job. But that is only because I love my job! I could just say “I’m done!” and leave.

That, young Padawan, is real freedom and absolutely fantastic.

If that is something you want to have in your life, you must keep on reading!

be your own boss

Be your own boss!

5 Things Every Boss Does

I know you love lists, so here is a very important one. This can change your life, so please read carefully.
Do you really think that self-made bosses got to their position by chance, luck or fate?
Only very few did. All the others are people who live a certain lifestyle and follow certain rules:

(1) Do What Has To Be Done NOW

If you want to be successful, you have to take action and you have to do it now! Don’t do it tomorrow, next week or in 10 years.
You can’t wait for that opportunity to come to you. You need to create it. If there is a task you can do today, don’t do it tomorrow. Procrastination is your biggest enemy, my friend.
Turn off the TV, quit that fun game on your computer or console and start working.
“Start with what?”, you might ask.
Well, that is what I am going to show you here on my website.

(2) Treasure And Learn From Your Mistakes

Believe me, I know how much it hurts. I have failed many times, in my private and professional life.
There were times, where I just wanted to give up and run away.
Everybody has those moments, but that is exactly the time where a boss is born! Those who push through this hell on earth will make it and become a winner.
So don’t stay down when you fall. Stand up, analyze what went wrong and you know what to do better next time.

(3) Never Stop Learning

Sorry guys! For those who want to make it to the top, school is never over! Being your own boss means, that you need to stay ahead of the game.
The world is changing so quick and you always need to know what’s going on. Embrace this and it actually will be fun to learn.
The huge difference is, that you will learn things you are really interested in! You decide where you want to go in your life and what important knowledge you need to get there.
I never want to stop learning new things. It is fantastic to keep your mind busy.
And that will actually help you to keep a young mind, no matter how old you are.

(4) Be Decisive

If you don’t want to have a boss, you have to become one. That means that nobody will tell you what to do. That is a skill you can learn from very early on. Don’t always ask your friends or parents what you should do.
Make your own decisions, but then live with the consequences! As a boss, you can never say, that it wasn’t your fault when something went wrong.
Only if you become a master decision maker, will you ever have the chance to live a life in which you are the driver!
What if you fail? Well, read point (2) again.

(5) Be Honest And Helpful

Never lie and never push others down and use them to climb to the top on their broken backs!
Doing this might bring you to the top, but then you are completely lonely there, without any real friends and trustworthy business partners.
Being at the top doesn’t mean you have to be lonely up there. Don’t you think it is so much nicer to help each other and get there together?
That way you will have great friends that love and help you whenever you need them. They won’t talk bad behind your back. No, they will defend you and never leave you.
Take me as an example. I am doing this right now.  I want to help you!
If you want, I can show you how you can become your own boss and maybe one day you and I stand together at the top.

work hard play hard

Do You Have What It Takes?

If you thought that it would be easy to be your own boss, then I have to disappoint you. The above 5 points are so important and when you think about it, make a lot of sense.
What you are going to learn on my site is not one of those “get rich with a click of a button” scams!
This is the real deal! This is the path you were always looking for. Here will you gain all that knowledge and tools to free yourself and become your own boss!

Take Action Now

Are you ready to go? Are you sick of losing time, while others live a perfect life?

Learn How To Get Started!

I can’t wait to get to know you, so please introduce yourself below in the comments. If you have a question, also write me below or contact me privately.

I am here to help!

Your friend

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Moussa says August 14, 2016

I’m glad I found your site and your article really helped me! I always hated the thought of having a boss and I want to start my own company and become a CEO. I also never liked the idea of having a boring job and I started my website to support me until I start my own company in the future. By the way, I love how your site is named Make Money as a Teen and I’m using the method and I am a Teen! I also love the tagline, Make more Money than your teachers!

    Moritz says August 15, 2016

    Hi Moussa,

    thank you for your nice words.
    Being a teen is the best time to start a business, in my opinion! Teens usually have more free time than people with a full time job and their brains are still used to studying and learning new things.
    And there is that motivation to earn more than your teacher! 😉
    Just imagine the feeling when you are sitting in class and you actually know that you have more money than that guy who is teaching you?!
    Good luck on your way to the top.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any advice or help.


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