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How To Use Social Media Correctly In Online Marketing

Almost everybody you know has a Facebook account. But do you or they know how to use social media correctly in online marketing?
You know how to use it to stay in contact with people, write about what is on your mind or what
bothers you.

Facebook and other social media platforms can be so much more! They can make you a lot of money if you use them correctly.
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Today, I am going to show you the basics of what you MUST do, to have any chance of success on social media:

how to use social media marketing correctly

1. Post Regularly But Don’t Spam

Nobody likes to be spammed. So, don’t be one of those guys!
Below I will show you the thin line between posting regularly and being spammy:

How Often Should I Post On Social Media?

While it depends on your niche, I have to warn you to not overdo it! When you start out with a new site, I wouldn’t post more than once or twice a day. Most important is, though, that you don’t post the same content repetitively.

Yes, some people might miss a tweet or post, because they were not online when you posted it! But if you publish the same post more than once, it will annoy most of your followers and they are apt to unlike/unfollow your site.

I usually only post on social media, when I have written something new on my website
So, I don’t even post daily and still see regular traffic coming from social media.

What Should I Post On Social Media?

As mentioned above, I usually only post on social media, when I have published a new article.
You definitely can post more, but make sure that you stick to your niche!
Don’t start posting random stuff that has nothing to do with your fan page or group. If you start posting off-topic, many people will unlike your site!

Always be helpful and informative!
Before you can even think of earning anything from your efforts online, you have to think of your audience and visitors.
What are they looking for? What do they need?
Offer them answers, and you can build up a group of trusting followers.

Can I Invite Friends To Like My Site?

When you create a new site, it is ok to invite your friends to like it. But only ONCE! You won’t make them like your site more by inviting them again and again.
If you take it too far, they are likely to unfriend or block you instead.
I always invite my friends, when I create a new fan page or group on Facebook, but I don’t really expect them to like or join them!
If they do, it’s great. If they don’t, it is absolutely ok and normal.

Most of your likes and future costumers will be people who are not friends with you. They might become friends down the line. In the beginning, they are strangers, who are interested in your site or product.

2. Be Helpful And Don’t Try To Sell!

Sounds weird, right? You came here to know how you can make money using social media, and I tell you to not try to sell anything?
To really become successful online, you have to get the “make money no matter what” mentality out of your head!

You might make some quick money with that, but wouldn’t it be nicer to build a real business that will last forever? Something that might take a bit longer to build, but has a much stronger foundation and won’t just collapse when the seasons change?

I definitely think so! That’s why, I don’t try to fool my visitors and readers, but give them all the knowledge they need to become truly successful!

Be Helpful

Be Helpful!

So, what you need to do is write about things in your niche that helps to solve problems.
That is important for your website and social media channels. When you start building a social media page, always share your articles, that offer answers to the questions your readers are having.
Post things that are interesting!

The best way of doing this is to look at your page through the eyes of a visitor.
Is what you are writing really interesting and helpful?
Would I want to read it, if it wasn’t my site?
Does it answer my questions completely?
Would I come back to read more on that site?

Only if you can answer all of those questions with a “yes” are you doing it right!

3. How To Leverage Social Media To Make Money

Now, that we have the basics out of the way, we can get down to how to make money with the help of social media.

It is actually really easy when you follow everything I wrote above!
It is so easy, that you might think that I am joking!

By not spamming but helping your visitors and followers, you are building trust over time.
They know that you are very helpful and an expert in your niche.
So, what do you think will happen, when you recommend a product to them now?

They will buy it!
Not all of them and not every time, of course. But more often than not, will they follow your recommendations!
There are only a few little things you have to follow. But once you gained their trust, things become much easier:

Only Recommend Products That You Truly Believe In!

Nothing can hurt your reputation more, than recommending bad products.
If you recommend something that is of low quality, you lose all the trust and respect you earned before! Weeks or months of hard work would go to waste within seconds then!

You have to research the products you are introducing to your audience thoroughly!
Only when they reach a standard that satisfies you, should they appear on your site!

Share Your Product Review On Social Media

As you should know, you can’t just put affiliate links on social media pages.
Facebook and other channels can recognize those and will either prevent you from posting them or punish you for doing it.

Always write a long and complete article about the product you are promoting on your website.
Place your affiliate links in that article and then share it on your social media channels.
The best practice for doing that is posting 1-2 short, catchy sentences and an image. Don’t write too much on social media! Most people don’t want to read essays on Facebook.
They get all the details later on your website!

If you have your own products or services, use the same strategies to see the best results!

Do I have To Use Social Media To Make Money Online?

In short: No!
But it can bring you loads of additional traffic and sales.

Social media can make you loads of money, but can be a big time sink, too!
Many people get lost on Facebook or Google+ and spend way too much time there.

Your #1 priority has to be your website. This is what you have to focus on.
If you don’t have a website yet, check out how to build a website for free here.

I personally don’t use social media with all my websites.
What I always do, though, is enabling my visitors to share my articles on social media networks.
By doing that, I automatically get visibility on social media.

With some websites, however, I am very active on social media! This definitely pays off, but even I only have 24 hours a day!

Spread Your Wings And Start Hustling!

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Before you leave:
Do you have any questions or want to discuss how to use social media correctly in social media marketing?
Write be below in the comments or send me a private message.

To your success.
Your friend,

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Kenny Lee says April 10, 2017

Great tips. I think the whole key of social media is being social. Just like how we socialize in the real world. Being genuine and help others goes along way. From my experience during my brick and mortar business years, getting sales is easy when you’re giving the best in helping people.

    Moritz says April 11, 2017

    Hello Kenny,

    I agree absolutely.
    Being honest and helpful is the key.
    Only when you solve the problem(s) of your visitors can you be successful on the long term.


Dave says April 10, 2017

I like how okay you are with not expecting your Facebook friends to like your fan pages.

I remember when I started out, I’d regularly ask my friends to like my posts and even leave long comment.

And guess what happened?

As you said it, lots of “unfriending” and blocks.

Now I was wondering, isn’t there any way I could get them to love my profile and fan page? Like completely.

(I tried sending out wisdom and love quotes and they turned out fairly well)

Any more suggestions?

    Moritz says April 11, 2017

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    Yes, I would never expect my friends to like my business pages.
    I send them one invitation but that’s it. Nothing more.

    If they really like it, they will hit the like button or will even comment on your posts.
    But the majority of engagement will come from other people.

    Just be genuine and show people that you really want to help them.
    Don’t try to hard sell. Give them stuff for free.
    Your chances to make actual sales then are much higher.

    All the best,

Norman says April 11, 2017

Hello, your post about how to use social media correctly is amazing!
You are right when it comes to social media. We ought to be careful because we can be misunderstood as spamming when that may not have been your intention.
Your post breaks down how we should go about posting on social media. Even though social media is a great market place we ought to follow the rules for success.


    Moritz says April 12, 2017

    Hi Norman,
    thank you for your kind words.
    Yes, social media is huge for every marketer. Everybody who wants to be successful online and offline, should utilize social media platforms.

    Most people are using it privately anyways. So they already know the basics.
    From there it is not that difficult to use Facebook, Twitter, etc. for business, too.

    All the best,

ririj says April 24, 2017

In many cases, Facebook is not going to make or break.
But given that I have seen friends and strangers gradually liking my page, I do have faith that Facebook could be a “bit” of a traffic source for me.
People may not like something for a while then suddenly I get likes from people whom I thought were not paying attention. So it is definitely worth it to post even if sometimes I see no activity.


    Moritz says April 25, 2017

    Hello Riri,

    Social media marketing can have a huge impact on your online business.
    Even if it seems that you don’t gain much from it in the beginning, that can change quickly.
    It is important that you post regularly and link your website to your social media accounts.

    I know how disheartening it can be when people don’t interact with your Facebook posts.
    Give it time and keep posting.
    Your social media accounts will most likely grow faster than you had expected.
    And traffic that comes from social media is usually highly target and exactly that kind of traffic you want. It converts better!

    And remember that it is not your friends that you are targeting with your social media sites.
    You are targeting fans and customers.

    All the best,

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