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How To Make Money On YouTube In Online Marketing

Ever wondered how to make money on YouTube in online marketing?
In this article, I am going to show you all the basics you need to know in order to have any success on YouTube.
It is quite similar to SEO, which makes sense since YouTube is owned by Google.

how to make money on youtube

The 5 Pillars Of YouTube Marketing

No matter what you are trying to achieve on YouTube, the following points always stay the same.
Without them you will have a hard time to get any views in the beginning:

  • Relevant Keywords
  • Relevant Title
  • Relevant Description And Tags
  • Relevant Thumbnail
  • The Secret Keyword

One word is linking most of those pillars: “relevant”

I can’t stress enough how important relevancy is! Both YouTube and your visitors have to know what they can expect from your video, before clicking on it.
Most importantly, don’t lie to your audience about your content. If you promise them more than you deliver, you will lose any chance of making real money on YouTube.

So, you need to be relevant and honest!

Now, that this is out of the way, I can talk about the 4 pillars in detail:

Find Out What People Are Really Looking For (Relevant Keywords)

In order to get the most out of your YouTube creations, you have to find out what people are looking for!
What do they type into search engines? How often is that phrase searched for? How many competitors do you have for that keyword?
You need to know how to get this information!

Do you know how and where to get it? No?
There are free and paid ways to find the best keywords.
For now, I will give you a link to the free version. There is a fantastic paid tool which I am using, but I will get to that one later.
Check out the free tool here.

In my article about How SEO Is Done Correctly, I talk about this little helper, too.

So, in order to find the best keywords, you start by typing in one or two words that describe the topic of your video.

Then, you let your keyword tool work its magic.
Now, you will usually see hundreds of suggestions with very important information.

  • How many people are searching for this keyword?
  • How many clicks can you get, if you are ranked high for this keyword?
  • How many competitors does this keyword have (other websites/videos with the same keyword)?

The goal is to find a keyword that gets searched for very often but doesn’t have many competitors.
Once you have found a great keyword and follow my following tips, you will get ranked very high on Google and YouTube, which will lead to many clicks and conversions.

A little sidenote: You can have success, even if you don’t follow my tips here. But that would be just luck!
It will be much faster if you research keywords before you write your title and video description.
Don’t be lazy and hope for a miracle!
Work for your own success story!

Now, that we have our keyword, let’s see how you get the most out of it:

Force Youtube To Rank Your Videos Higher (Relevant Title)

Force Youtube To Rank Your Videos Higher

You most likely know by now, that a title has to capture your audience’s attention and interest.
That’s not all, unfortunately. It’s not enough to write a title, that is catchy or funny!

You need to put your keyword in the title, too. But it has to make sense and be grammatically correct!

Let’s say you chose the keyword “Make Money With Youtube”.
After you run it through AutoSuggest again, it gives you the following results:

Now, you can play around a bit to find longer keywords (also called longtail keywords) that still get many searches.
Just use the filters and you quickly find the keyword “How To Make Money On Youtube”.
See, that’s even better than our original keyword and you should change to this one.

Note, that this is absolutely normal. You can always change your main keyword while you are writing your title and description.
Only once you have published it, shouldn’t you change it anymore.

The final step is to think of a title and in that case, I chose “How To Make Money On Youtube In Online Marketing”.
I wanted to get ranked for the phrase “How To Make Money On Youtube”. But since I am talking about online marketing, too, I added it to let readers/viewers know in advance what they can expect.
Remember: Relevancy is the key!

Additionally, you should think of a “channel keyword” and put that in the title of every video you upload.
That way, you will have a bigger chance that YouTube groups your videos together! And this will improve your chances, that you own videos appear as “recommended videos” when your video is over.

Your channel keyword can be your channel name, for example. I do it like this and know that many others are doing the same.

So, my complete title for this video would be: “How To Make Money On Youtube In Online Marketing | Online Jedis”

Don’t Only Tell Your Story In The Video (Relevant Description)

This is how you can and will beat your competition.
Too many freshies (and even experienced marketers) on YouTube don’t care enough for their video descriptions. They think that nobody will read them anyways.
They are so wrong!

Your video descriptions are crucial for your success!
Not many people will read them, true, but YouTube will!
YouTube has little “bots” or “crawlers” that go through your descriptions and decide how to rank your video. Those bots can’t watch your videos!
So they only have your title and description to make that decision.

The following things are most important for your description:

  • Whole Video Title as the first sentence!
  • Link to your Subscribe page
  • Link to a Relevant Playlist (on your channel of course)
  • Detailed text about what is shown in your video
  • Main Keyword in the last sentence and where it fits naturally

You should use this template for all your YouTube descriptions.
After the title and links, you can write as much as you want, as long as it describes what is happening in your video.
Make it interesting and not only YouTube’s bots will like it.

Boost Your Ranking With Relevant Tags

After you have finished your description, go through it again and pick out as many tags (keywords) as you can.
Then, add them all as tags!
It doesn’t matter how many tags you have, as long as they appear in the description, too!
Be careful: If you loads of tags, that don’t appear in the description, YouTube will recognize it as spam and punish your video!
Only add tags, that are in your description!

By adding those relevant tags, you have great chances to appear at the top of many YouTube Searches!

Draw All Eyes On Your Videos (Relevant Thumbnail)

Relvant Thumbnails

Bringing your videos up in YouTube search is only part of making money on YouTube.
Now, people still have to click on them to watch them.
The title is an important aspect, but your Thumbnail has to be outstanding as well!

There are several things you need to be aware of when creating your thumbnails:

  • Preferably a screenshot of a scene in the video that appears in the first 30 seconds
  • If possible a face of a person with a clear expression
  • 2-3 words that describe the video

Make sure that the thumbnail looks as professional as possible.
Nobody likes cheap thumbnails.

If you don’t know how to create thumbnails yourself, don’t worry.
I will write a thumbnail guide very soon.
Stay tuned…

The Secret Keyword Will Eliminate Most Or Your Competitors

the secret keyword

After a YouTube video, and on the right side, you always get recommendations of similar videos.
The goal is to get as many own videos as possible in there.
Once your channel is bigger and well-known, this will happen automatically. But there is a neat little trick that will bring you ahead of the pack!

The Secret Keyword!

YouTube generally calls keywords “tags”, but it’s basically the same.
As I explained above, you have to put in as many tags in the “tag area” as possible. As long as they are in the description, too!
The secret keyword is a special one, though.
Think of a word or phrase, that describes your channel! It has to be as unique as possible!
Again, it can be the name of your channel, if it’s not a too common word.

Now, you have to use this keyword as a tag in every video of your channel! No exception.
After you uploaded only a view videos that all use this tag, YouTube will notice that they belong together!
From that moment on, it will recommend your own videos more likely than not!

This will increase clicks and views even more!

Turn Clicks And Views Into Sales

Now that you know my 5 pillars of YouTube marketing, you still need to know how to turn this into money.
One way is the monetization option of YouTube itself.

In this article, however, I want to explain how you use YouTube to drive people to your own website.

This is actually super easy now! You already know how to pimp your title, description, keyword and thumbnail to get the best possible rank on YouTube.
Now, all you have to do is to link from your videos to your “money pages”.

This can be done in the description or by using “cards”. The latter appear in the video when and where you choose.
Before you can link to your website, however, you have to add your site as an “associated website“.
Once done, you can link to anywhere on your website.

Of course, your links have to be related to what is shown in the video.
If you make a product video review, link it to the related review on your website or whatever funnel you are using to make money on your website.

By doing this you will get loads of extra traffic and sales thanks to YouTube.
By monetizing your videos you even can make more. But I wouldn’t do it with every channel or video.
Sometimes it is better to make people come to your website, instead of having them click on an ad, that will lead them away from your offer.
You will make more money when they come to your website!

Important: Never put affiliate links directly on YouTube! If you do this, your channel will earn its first strike quickly.
Always link to your associated website only!

Keep On Testing And Experimenting

The above is helping me to get loads of visitors from YouTube to my websites.
That doesn’t mean, that I don’t change things here and there. Always try to improve your strategies and techniques.
Never stand still!
You might fail, but it’s all a learning experience which will make you smarter and better every single time!

Want to know how I make money online?

YouTube is only one part of my online business.
If you want to know more and get the best available training regarding online marketing, check this out:

How I Went From Zero To Hero In Online Marketing

What do you think?
Are you using YouTube as a traffic source already?
What are your strategies?
Let me know in the comments below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Your friend,

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Sharon Whyte says April 10, 2017

Hi Moritz,

What really good tips about how to make money on YouTube you have here. I am going to go back into video marketing and put a lot more video on my blog as I know it will help with visitors. So this post was very timely for me and I thank you for that!

A question for you: I already have an associated website set up on my channel. Am I able to change this to another one?

    Moritz says April 11, 2017

    Hi Sharon,

    YouTube is a very powerful tool to drive more traffic to your site and generate sales.
    I am glad that you found my article helpful.

    To answer your question:
    You can change the associated website, but you shouldn’t do that too often.
    The option even gets unavailable for some time, when you change the associated website for the first time.

    I have never changed it, though, and I wouldn’t recommend doing it.
    Only do it if you really have no other option.
    And try to do it not more than once.

    If you have any more questions, let me know.


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