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How To Build Backlinks – Should I Even Bother?

Beginners in online marketing are always looking for ways to get traffic as fast as possible.
So, they often ask me how to build backlinks.
Today I am going to explain how to do that. But I am also going to talk about if backlinks are still as important as they were a few years ago.

Let’s get started from the beginning:

What Are Backlinks?

how to build backlinks

Backlinks are basically links to your website on other people’s websites or forums.
For example, someone likes an article he read on your site. He then reads a question on a forum. This question gets answered in your article and to help that person, he links to your article.

If that forum is an often visited forum, many people will read his answer and then click on your link.
That way, you generate additional traffic thanks to the backlink.
And who would say “no” to that?

If a website has many backlinks on relevant sites and forums, Google will give them a better ranking!
Google always wants the best content at the top of its search results.
Many backlinks can be an indicator for great and helpful content.

Generally, backlinks are a great way to get more traffic, but it has it’s downsides, too.

I will talk more about it a bit further down.

How Do You Get Backlinks Ethically?

Get Backlinks Ethically

There are different ways of getting backlinks, but not all are ethical!
Most important is, that you don’t start spamming your links everywhere. Google is smart, will detect spam and punish you for it.

Engage On Websites Or Forums

The best way to create backlinks manually is to engage naturally on forums or websites.
That means that you can’t just sign up on a forum and start posting your links everywhere. This will get you kicked out immediately.
You have to take part in discussions and build trust and credibility before you can link to your website.

Once you have done this for a while, you can start putting in your links here and there.
But only when it is relevant and makes sense.

Leaving backlinks on websites is a bit more difficult, as the most common way is to do it in comments.
Website owners can delete links in comments without problems, and there is nothing you can do about it.
You can try, but most will get rid of those comments because they want to keep their visitors on their own website.

Offer Website Owners Value For A Backlink To Your Site

As I said above, it can be difficult to get backlinks on someone else’s site.
The following tips can work very well, once your site has grown a bit:

  • Write Guest Posts
  • Create Cool Infographics

Guest posts are a fantastic way to spread your links.
There are many website owners that are happy to accept guest posts, especially when you are already known in your niche.
You can contact bloggers, that are in the same niche, yourself, or wait until they find you.
That can take a while, but usually happens one day, when you have awesome content!

In every guest post, you are allowed to link back to your site at least once.
Those backlinks are the best and most valuable backlinks you ever can get!

The second tip is also a really great:
If you are good in creating infographics, you can offer them to other website owners “for free”.
The only thing they have to do is linking back to your site, if they want to use your infographic.

Let’s sum this up quickly.
The best ways of getting backlinks are:

  • Engaging on forums and websites
  • Guest posts/blogs
  • “Sell” infographics for backlinks

Can I Pay For Backlinks?

There still are many places where you can pay for backlinks, but I would never use them.
Most of those providers will use spammy ways of spreading your links.
This might give you extra traffic in the beginning. But Google will quickly flag those as spam and your site will most likely even get punished for doing that.

Don’t waste your money on backlinks!
Use my ethical ways of getting backlinks instead!

Are Backlinks Really Working?

Now we get to the point where opinions differ. A lot!

50% of online marketers will say that you need backlinks to succeed. The other 50% will say that they are a complete waste of time.
In my personal experience, I would say that backlinks work to get you some additional clicks on your site.

But I would never trust solely in them.
There are other ways of getting free traffic, that are much more effective.
True, one of the traffic sources listed there are backlinks. But I put them at the bottom of the list for a reason!

To be completely honest, I don’t actively build backlinks anymore.
If I stumble upon something by accident and realize, that one of my posts would help people there, I link to it.
I don’t go hunting for those opportunities anymore.

Working together with other blogs and exchanging guest blogs is something I love doing, though.

I always recommend investing your time in quality content instead.
People will naturally link to your articles when they think it is great and helpful.
Just provide them with good information and you will get your backlinks automatically. That’s the way how Google likes it the best!

My Secret To Success

Now, how do I know all this stuff?
How do I really make money online?

If you want to know my “secret” to success, head over to my article here.
You will notice quickly that it isn’t really a secret.
What you need is knowledge and people that help you when you get lost.

All this I can offer you for free. Just sign up and get in touch with me. We will take it from there.

Before you leave, though:
Did you know how to build backlinks? What is your favorite way of doing it, or do you agree with me that it is not really effective?

Let me know in the comments below and I will answer you shortly.

Your friend,

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Mikael says April 10, 2017

Hi Moritz,

Great info about backlinks. I have also heard a lot of different opinions. I do however think you have some good points about not having to go out and buy links, but let it happen naturally.

I have not done anything actively myself to build links, but I will of course be happy if people chose to link to my site:-) In that conection – do you know if it can be a problem, if a spammy site decides to link to my site without my knowledge? will google potentially punish me for this? And what if I on my sites link to a site that is flagged by google (it is difficult to know which pages are) – will that hurt my own website?


    Moritz says April 11, 2017

    Hello Mikael,

    natural backlinks are the best, no doubt.
    And those do help with ranking.

    Those bad backlinks you mention have a chance of hurting your site. But Google is really smart and there would have to be loads of those backlinks that all appear within a very short time frame. (Those would look like backlinks you bought somewhere.)
    Don’t worry too much about this. A friend of mine was once spammed by a competitor with bad backlinks but it did not hurt him.
    His site is still up on top.

    Be very careful where you link to.
    That can be a much bigger problem than spammy backlinks.
    Only link to authority sites you know that can be trusted.
    Wikipedia is always fine.
    It is part of your responsibility that you don’t lead your visitors to bad sites.
    In some countries (e.g. Germany) you even have to put a disclaimer on your site which states that you are NOT responsible for the content on sites you link to.
    But that’s not necessary if your audience is in the USA.

    I hope that answered your questions.
    Let me know if there is anything else unclear.

    All the best,

Garth Wright says April 10, 2017

This was a pretty informative article.
I did have an interest in learning how to get backlinks because even though their contribution is small, any source of traffic is considered by me to be a valuable one.
I don’t really see a problem with paying for backlinks, as long as it doesn’t hurt your bank account 🙂

    Moritz says April 11, 2017

    Hi Garth,

    I understand your thinking, but have to recommend to not buy backlinks!
    Those backlinks will not help your ranking. At least not in the long term.

    And you have a high chance that the backlinks will be detected as spammy by Google.
    That would hurt your ranking and might even destroy your website for good.

    If you want to use backlinks, do it in a natural way.
    Place them on relevant sites manually or just wait for them.
    When you create good content, people will link to your site.


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