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My Honest SFI Affiliate Center Review – Learn The Truth About

In the following article about the SFI Affiliate Center, I am going to tell you the truth about

In order to give you all the information as detailed as possible, I joined SFI and checked out the possibilities, tools, and training.

Can I Make Money With

Is The SFI Affiliate Center A Legit Program?

I think that’s what you are worried about the most: Is SFI just another scam?
Don’t worry, it is not a scam! It is a legit program. It has real products and a decent affiliate program.
However, it is also an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program!

That is important to understand!

SFI relies heavily on all MLM aspects. If you are not interested in recruiting other people, stay away from SFI!
Before I go into more details, let’s have a quick look at the most important facts:

Quick Facts About The SFI Affiliate Center

Name: SFI Affiliate Center
Owner/Founder: Gery Carson
Business Type: Affiliate + MLM
Beginner Friendly: No
Training: Yes
Price: Free

All in all, it is a legit program! But…

…to cut to the chase: I don’t recommend joining it if you are an absolute beginner!
I will explain in detail why, but one of the reasons is the provided training.
It is not at all structured and it doesn’t really show you how to build your online business from scratch. All it does is giving you all the theory. There are no video classes that you can follow.

That makes it extremely difficult for beginners to start making money.
Knowledge is so important if you want to be successful online.

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Let’s Take A Closer Look At SFI

Now it is time to see what it’s really like once you have decided to join SFI.
On the first page you will see this:

SFI Sign Up

I like that they are not asking for any real sensible information.
Just your name and email address. As long as it is a valid address, you can choose whatever you want.
At the bottom of the page was something I didn’t like, though:

SFI Copyright

A site that doesn’t display the current year in its copyright, rings my alarm bells loudly.
This usually screams either “Scam” or “lazy webmaster”.
In the case of SFI, it is the latter. Someone must have simply forgotten to update it.
It’s a small thing, but something that should be avoided by a professional company!
Oh, and I have no idea what that “0” is supposed to mean in the footer, either.

Once you have entered your details you will get to the following page:

SFI after sign up

Once more, you get reminded of all the things that you can do with SFI.
It sounds fantastic, but it isn’t as easy as they say!
I’d even say that it is almost impossible for beginners!

On the next page you will see this:

SFI after sign up 2

I chose “Taiwan” as my country and (what a surprise) they presented me someone else from Taiwan who is successful with SFI.
Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t really like this kind of testimonials.
They sound too good to be true.

Following that I came to this page:

SFI after sign up 3

When joining SFI, you get quite a decent amount of bonus.
It only starts with those $20. You will get more when you go through all the steps of setting up your account.
That’s just another trick to make SFI look more valuable.
Who wouldn’t like to get a few bucks for nothing? Well, of course, you don’t really get this money transferred to your account. You can just use it to buy something in the shop.

On the next page they finally come to the most important aspect of SFI:

The MLM Scheme!

SFI is an affiliate program, yes. But its focus lies definitely on the MLM aspect.
If you want to make real money with SFI, you have to build up a huge team of people who recruit even more people.
Additionally, you’ll have to find people buying your products. Most products are cheap, so to make decent money you need a lot of sales.

I will talk more about those products later.
They are the main reason, why I wouldn’t work with SFI!

On the last page of the introduction, they cover an additional way of making money on SFI.


VersaPoints can be earned by selling items and doing many other tasks.
There are actually 19 different ways to earn those points. It’s extremely confusing and got my head spinning really good!

Those VersaPoints are very important for your earnings.
The more you get, the higher is your rank in SFI. If you make at least 1500 VersaPoints a month, you get extra payments from a special pool.
There wasn’t very clear information about how much you can make extra, but those VersaPoints are a central aspect of SFI.

If you and your partners (those who joined under you) don’t reach those 1500 VersaPoints every month you will get much less income on SFI!
In the first month, you reach that easily, by doing all the initial tasks.
After that, you are left more or less alone and will have a hard time to reach that goal!

Are You Still With Me?

Maybe you are already overwhelmed with all the information I have given you so far.
Believe me, I felt the same.

SFI seems to overcomplicate many things!
Unfortunately, it didn’t get better after the introduction.

I was hoping to find a beginner friendly opportunity to make money, but I was disappointed.
If at this point, you have decided that SFI is not the right thing for you, I have something else for you:

I guarantee, that this program has the best training for “How To Make Money Online”.
It offers way more than that, though.

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Increase Your Bonus During The Account Set Up

Once you have been done with the introduction, you arrive at the account set up.
I liked that you don’t have to do it immediately.
You can skip every point and do it later. You will get an extra $10 for every step you do during the setup. (No matter if you do it now or later.)

What Kind Of Products Are You Selling Through SFI

SFI has its own shop called So, once you have your account set up, you get your own link to the shop.
Whenever someone clicks your link to get to the shop website, you will get commissions.

This customer will be yours forever!
When he buys something in the future, you will always get your commissions.
That’s a great plus of SFI.

The products themselves are not that impressive, however.
You might wonder where they come from and how they prices can be so cheap, in most cases.

Well, I can answer this easily.
Let’s take a look at a random product that came up on the front page:

TripleClicks product

It’s a rather nice bracelet for a good price.
As I am managing e-commerce stores myself, I immediately had a suspicion where this product might come from.
Why not take a look at my next screenshot:

Aliexpress same product

Here we go. It is the exact same product on Aliexpress (a huge platform for wholesalers based in China).
See the price difference? Understand what that means?

Yes, SFI seems to sell products it sources from Aliexpress.
I checked many more products. I found all of them on Aliexpress and all of them were at least 100% cheaper on Aliexpress.

Don’t get me wrong:

This is nothing illegal or scammy! It is absolutely normal to buy items for a wholesale price and sell them for a higher price on your own store.
Every e-commerce store does that.

But, why would I want to use SFI for this?
It is much easier to just build your own store and sell products you source from wholesalers. Your profit margin would be way higher then.
In any case, you have to find your customers yourself.
When you already go through all the effort to find buyers, don’t send them to a store like TripleClicks…send them to your own store!

After I found out about the products, I knew for sure that I would never work with SFI!

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The SFI Affiliate Center Training

Yes, there is a training and it is massive!
There are a lot of guides and so-called “methods” you can go through.

SFI marketing methods 1

SFI marketing methods

Unfortunately, the training is not structured at all.
Additionally, it is all in text form with hardly any screenshots. I couldn’t find any video tutorials on the site.
That makes it overwhelming and almost impossible for beginners to get started successfully.

SFI marketing methods 2

SFI marketing methods

The training also focuses a lot on team building and not on how to actually sell products. It is very vague and often not understandable if you don’t have any previous knowledge.
You might end up with a team but no sales.
Remember, you only make money when you sell products on TripleClicks.

Get More Customers With TCards

There is one more thing I want to talk about before I wrap this up. offers TCards you can use to generate more customers. Those cards can be purchased and then distributed to friends or even strangers.
If someone uses the credit on the card to buy something on TripleClicks, he is automatically your lifetime customer.
It is a nice idea, but again not very effective.
Lyoness is doing something similar and, at least the people I know, didn’t have much success with it.

Let’s Take A Look At the Pros And Cons Of The SFI Affiliate Center

I have shown you what it is like and what you can expect when you join SFI.
This affiliate center definitely has good sides and bad sides.


  • Free to join
  • No obligations
  • Free training included
  • Up to 45% commission
  • Live chat (I didn’t try that one, so I can’t say how well it works)
  • Can earn more by building a team


  • Training not structured but confusing
  • Training not beginner friendly
  • Training is all theoretically (no case studies or real examples)
  • Products are mostly of low quality sourced mainly from China (Aliexpress)
  • No own website or hosting included
  • No video classes
  • Affiliate website is cluttered with unnecessary extras
  • To really earn money you need a team where everybody has a certain minimum of sales and points (VersaPoints)

As you can see, there are many pros, but also many cons.
Even though, is not a scam I think you have do consider all those negative points very well before joining!

Would I Recommend Joining The SFI Affiliate Center?

When you have come that far, you already know the answer.

I do not recommend joining SFI, especially if you are a beginner!

I have been in this business for 3 years and I still found SFI to be confusing and overly complicated.
If I imagine a total beginner trying to do this….I don’t see high chances of success there.

Well, that’s all I can say about SFI.
It is a legit program, but I would rather learn how to build an e-commerce store and drive traffic there to buy my own products.

Alternatively, you can venture into affiliate marketing, which is a fantastic business with the least costs and risks in online marketing.
Want to know more about this?
Read on!

How I Really Make Money Online

Ok. I have two main sources of income:

Affiliate Marketing and E-commerce.

I haven’t written about my E-commerce business yet, but you can already check out how to get started with affiliate marketing.
It is very straightforward and, as I said before, doesn’t include much investments upfront.
You basically only need a website and knowledge.

If you don’t have the knowledge yet, you need the right place to get it!
That’s what I’m here for.
Follow the link below and get started right away!

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So, how do you feel about the SFI Affiliate Center?
Have you tried it yourself? What were your experiences?

Let me know in the comments below and we’ll talk about it.

All the best

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John Rico says April 10, 2017

Hello there! I really enjoyed your article about SFI Affiliate Center. It is very informative and helpful especially for me. I’m looking for a part time online job. I have plenty of free time to invest but I only ahve limited money to spend. I heard things about affiliate marketing, that it gives good money. But I don’t know which one should I join. How does this SFI Affiliate Center compare to wealthy affiliate? I really appreciate your response.

    Moritz says April 11, 2017

    Hi John,

    while the SFI Affiliate Center is not a spam, I don’t think it is a good and viable opportunity.
    I am completely honest with you here:
    Wealthy Affiliate is the much better option.
    The training is structured and laid out in a way that even complete beginners with now knowledge at all can follow it.
    Even if you get stuck can you just write a question and will get an answer within minutes.
    You can try it for free but to get the most out of it, I’d recommend becoming a premium member.
    But no need to rush. Just take a good look around, talk to other members and start the training.

    If you decide it is the right thing for you, you can just upgrade to premium.
    The great thing is: you can take as much time as you want before you take that step.
    No pressure at all.

    All the best,

William Ireland says May 26, 2020

I Joined SFI in 2013 and opted out, rejoined due to compensation change only to opt out again. Your review is 100% accurate! SFI is a hybrid Affiliate Marketing/MLM program that does rely heavily on getting recruits. It’s NOT a scam, but the average person will not be making $50 a month after 2 years in the program!

    Moritz says May 27, 2020

    Hello William.
    Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences with SFI. I totally agree! While it’s not a scam, people who want to join it have to decide for themselves if they really want to keep recruiting people in order to make a living.
    That’s why I like Wealthy Affiliate. You don’t have to do any recruiting at all if you don’t want to.

Bavoshiya says November 6, 2020

Like you explained I joined as a beginner and it is way too complicated, I wanted to know whether it’s a legit site that is how I got to this point. Thanks for the info, it’s really helpful.

    Moritz says November 7, 2020

    You are very welcome!
    Glad I was able to help. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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