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The Daily Income Method – Is It A Scam Or A Real Opportunity?

Let’s take a look at The Daily Income Method today. Is it a scam or a real opportunity?
Interestingly, I have come across this questions quite often during the last few days. So I decided to write my honest opinion about it.

The Daily Income Method

Can I Make Money With The Daily Income Method?

I want to answer this questions first.
Maybe you already know what all this is about and just want to know if it is legit.

To answer this question:
Yes, you can make money with this method and it is legit!

But I don’t think it is the best way to make money! Especially, if you are a complete beginner!

If you already know how to drive traffic to a landing page or a great offer, go ahead.
Sign up and give your best!

If you are a beginner and have no idea how online marketing works, I highly recommend doing some training first!
Don’t invest in this method if you have no experience!

I know a great place where you get all that precious knowledge and much more.

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What Is The Daily Income Method?

If this is the first time you have heard about it, I want to explain what it is.

This method is a program that has partnered with the MCA (Motor Club of America), which is a roadside assistance service.
Your goal, after signing up to the Daily Income Method, is to find future members of the MCA and make them sign up.

For every member you acquire, you will get paid a commission.

When you want to get the best out of this method you have to join the MCA yourself!
You can promote it without being a member, but then you wouldn’t be able to use the cool marketing tools!

What Is The MCA Exactly? How Much Money Can I Make There?

As I mentioned before, the MCA is a roadside assistance service (I am not affiliated with the MCA, so I won’t earn anything if you sign up). If you are a member and have an accident or any other problem with your vehicle, just call them and they will take care of you.

The membership for the MCA costs $19.95 a month.
The initial payment is $39.90 which is the payment for the first and last month.

So, you have the first payment of about $40 USD.
The clue is, that you will get $80 USD for every person you sign up for the program.
That is a bit of a gamble from the MCA, but they trust that much in their service, that they don’t expect people to leave them quickly.

You can see that this is a great opportunity IF YOU KNOW HOW TO REFER PEOPLE!
Imagine you sign only one person up every day.
That would make your life much easier, right?

How Does The Daily Income Method Help You To Get More Referrals?

Now it’s time to take a look at what this method has to offer.

First, you have to know that it is not for free!
You have to pay an extra of $27 USD a month to access this service.
What you get for that money is a complete funnel that converts not too bad.

If you don’t know what a funnel is:
A funnel is usually a landing page with a video and/or engaging text that makes the reader want to know more about or join a program.
When they click on one of the links, they get to the next page where they can purchase the product.
After that, there is a “thank you” page with either more products (called upsells) or more information.

The funnel of this method is ok but it is not VERY GOOD!

Your job and therefore your problem will be to drive traffic to this funnel.

And that’s what I think is the real issue here! You don’t get trained well enough to really succeed and get high traffic to your funnel!

You Can Promote The MCA Without This Method!

Don’t get confused here.
You can very well join the MCA and promote it without the Daily Income Method.
That’s actually exactly what I would do if I wanted to join their affiliate program.

You don’t need this method to make money from it.
Don’t think that the monthly $27 for the funnel is a good investment.
It is not a very high investment but it is absolutely not necessary!

Instead, learn how to build your own funnel/website! You can do this for free. Just check out my link.
That way you can have your own and personalized funnel that will convert much better!

Is The Daily Income Method A Scam? My Final Verdict!

If you have read this far you know by now, that the Daily Income Method is not a scam.

It has a real product, the MCA membership, and you can make real money with it.
The method itself is basically a sales funnel to generate that money.

However, I won’t recommend it for the following reasons:

  • As a beginner, you don’t know how to generate traffic to fuel your funnel
  • Everybody has more/less the same funnel (which won’t rank well on Google)
  • As a pro, you can build your own funnel cheaper or even for free
  • You can refer the MCA without this method (much better option, in my opinion)

Let’s gather the facts quickly:

Name: The Daily Income Method
Creator: Mack Zidan and Alfredo Delgado
Price: initial $39.90, then $19.95 (membership) + $27 (tool) a month
Scam or Legit: Legit
Beginner Friendly: No
Recommended: No

Is There A Better Way To Get Started In The Online World?

The Daily Income Method is fine and legit, but what I am missing the most is decent training and support.

The best funnel won’t help you if you don’t know how to bring it in front of people!

I want to show you how I make money every day!
My way gives you step by step instructions and there is a 24/7 chat and support.
You also can try it for free and if you don’t like it you will never have to pay for it.
That is really rare in the online world nowadays.

Usually, you have to pay first, before you can see what it’s all about.
Well, I have the right thing for you.

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Now, that I have told you my opinion about the Daily Income Method, I want to know what you think about it!

Have you tried it yourself?
What is your favorite way of making money online?

Let me know in the comments below and I will answer you as fast as I can.


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Collins says April 10, 2017

I am impressed with your information. You have given an honest account of the daily income method.

Actually, I am not a fan of the MCA but i do search for online opportunities.

I wanted to give it a try but I can see that you did not recommend it.

For a beginner like me, do you have any personal experience to share?
Thanks for the review.


    Moritz says April 11, 2017

    Hi Collins,

    I don’t recommend using the Daily Income Method.
    The MCA itself is 100% legit and a great opportunity, if someone knows how to sell it.
    It is, however, not easy to achieve if you have not knowledge.
    The Daily Income Method does not help you enough to gain that knowledge.
    That’s why I don’t think it is a viable option for beginners.

    Well, in my experience, you need knowledge the most! You can’t expect to make money online quickly, without knowing what you are doing.

    That’s why I recommend Wealth Affiliate to beginners.
    You can try it for free as long as you want.
    To get the most out of it, it is recommended to join the premium program.
    There is so much you gain with it.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.


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