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The Four Percent Group Scam – Is It Really A Scam?

A few days ago, someone wrote me and asked about the Four Percent Group Scam.
Since I hadn’t heard of it before, I was intrigued and started doing some research.

The Four Percent Group Scam

In the following article, I am going to tell you exactly what the For Percent Group is and if it’s really just another scam.

Is The Four Percent Group Really A Scam?

You might also know it as the 4% group or the 4 percent group.
No matter how it is spelled, it is always the same program.

Before I go into details, I will answer the most important question:

Is it a scam?

The answer, in my honest opinion, is NO!
However, there are many reasons, why I don’t recommend joining this group!

For once, it is in no way beginner friendly.
Don’t even consider joining this group, if you don’t have years and years of experience in online marketing.
There is no way you will make money there without previous knowledge.

Read on to find out all the details you should know before joining this group.

If you have already decided by now, that this is not the right program for you, I would like to recommend you an alternative:

There is a fantastic company, that offers top notch training, hosting, 24/7 support and much more.
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Having said that, I will continue with my review of the Four Percent Group:

What Is The Four Percent Group Exactly?

The Four Percent Group Scam

The goal of this group is to sell expensive products (services, training, etc.) that pay big commissions.
All those products are legit and real.
You also will have access to tools that help you build landing pages to sell those products.

But there is a catch!
To be able to promote them, you have to buy them first yourself!
If you don’t buy but still promote them, your sponsor will earn the commissions.

We are not talking about a hundred dollars here.
No, the top product costs $12,000 USD! Yes, 12K!
Are you willing to pay that money upfront without the guarantee that you will make money later down the road?

This is already a big red flag and I shouldn’t even have to continue with my review, but I want to be as thorough as possible.

Well, as I hinted above, you don’t have to buy those products, but then you won’t get anything in return if you refer them to a customer.

You Have To Invest A Lot Before You Can Start!

Here are some of the products and their prices you can promote:

  • Tecademics – up to $12,000
  • Magnetic Entrepreneur – $1,997
  • Operation 100K – $497
  • Click Funnels – $97/month
  • AWeber – $19/month
  • Click Magic – $12/month
  • Name Cheap – $10.87/year

There are some other products, like merchandise, but the products above are the most important ones.
As you can see, you would have to invest a lot of money, before you can even start earning money.

And there is even one more thing you have to pay for.
In order to be part of the Four Percent Group, you have to pay another $47/month!

That membership includes training, webinars, live chat, tutorials and live events.

The Offered Training Won’t Make A Beginner An Online Marketing Pro

Please, if you are a beginner don’t ever join this group!
The training is mostly useless. There is a lot of talking without real information.

True, they explain how you can build the landing pages and install all the other tools (you have to buy separately).
But you won’t get much information about the most important thing:


The best landing page doesn’t help you if nobody sees it!
No traffic = no money!

How would you feel if you spend all that money and then don’t know where and how to start?
You might start spamming forums and Facebook groups without making a single sale!

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There Is One Guy Who Profits The Most From This Group…

…and that’s obviously the founder, Vick Strizheus.
First, you have to pay the monthly membership fee.

Then, you have to buy several products to set up your business. For every product you buy, the founder will earn affiliate commissions.
So, no matter if you make money after that or not, Vick has already made money before you even started!

Vick is a smart marketer, who has been involved in shady businesses before.
He was even sentenced to 90 days of jail time and 5 years probation for fraud.

That leaves a real bad taste in my mouth and I would stay far away from his products.

I want to be very clear here!
The Four Percent Group is not 100% a scam, but it is very close to falling into this category.

Why You Should Stay Away From The Four Percent Group

Let’s sum up the reasons, why I just can’t recommend this group:

  • Insufficient training
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Expensive products you have to buy before you can promote them
  • Your sponsor will get your commissions if you didn’t buy the products!!
  • High set-up costs (membership+tools)
  • Founder with shady history

You Can Get A Much Better Start For Less

The Four Percent Group is just an overpriced membership website with questionable practices.

There is one thing you have to know:

Never pay for something before you really know what it’s about!

Therefore, I want to present you a fantastic alternative to the Four Percent Group:

This company offers amazing training and support.
You can join and try it for free. To get the most out of it, it is recommended to join the premium membership, but what you get for it is unbeatable:

  • step-by-step training for absolute beginners
  • hours and hours of video and written training
  • 24/7 live chat and technical support
  • live video classes
  • hosting for up to 50 websites (included in the membership!)
  • classrooms to discuss questions and solutions
  • direct access to the owners
  • keyword tool

All this and more is included in the premium membership, which costs less than $50 USD/month (you can get it even cheaper!)
Just calculate the hosting costs for 50 websites. That alone justifies the price.
And here you get so much more on top!

Remember that you can get a good look at the training and website before you pay a single cent.
That trial is unlimited. You won’t get kicked out after a time.
You want to look at it now but don’t want to become a premium member yet?
No problem! Come back in a few months, if you change your mind.

Don’t waste your time on shady programs like the Four Percent Group!

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Let Me Know What You Think!

Do you think that the Four Percent Group is a scam?
Are you a member of it, or have you been one in the past?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this group.

Write me below and I will get back to you shortly.

All the best,

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Pat Bateman says April 10, 2017

They seem like they’re employing the old psychological trick that the more expensive something is, the better it must be. But in this case it seems that the members of this 4% group aren’t doing the math.
Call me crazy but I might even tend to think that a lot of the members aren’t even putting in the effort… i think they probably think that they can buy their way to success.
And since this 4% one is so “shiny” it must be really good! LOL. That other link you mentioned seems to be legit tho. Will def check them out!


    Moritz says April 11, 2017

    Hello Pat.

    It’s funny, right?
    There are still many people thinking exactly that way. If it’s expensive it must be good!
    Even if it’s a good product, it is ridiculous that you have to purchase it yourself, before you can promote it.
    No legit affiliate program does that.
    That’s why the four percent group is so close to being a real scam! It is definitely in that grey area, leaning strongly towards scam.

    Do check out my #1 Recommendation.
    It will suit you and many others much better.


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