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How To Make Money From Blogging – Write Articles Every Day

How To Make Money From Blogging

Are you wondering how to make money from blogging?
During the next days, I am going to write a series of articles on this topic.
This is my first article of the series.
You can find the other parts here:
Part 2: Find A Business Partner
Part 3: Become A Trusted Influencer
Part 4Create A Mailing List

In the following article, you will learn how to write articles as often as possible and why this is important for your success:

You Have To Write Articles Every Day

…if possible.
This is not really a must-have requirement to become a successful blogger.
But you have to understand that your blog needs to be updated as often as possible. Especially in the beginning.
Try to set this as your goal.
Most likely, you won’t be able to do it for a long time in the beginning. That is ok!
With some practice and my tips below, you will get there.

There are many blogs and websites that publish posts every single day.
Those posts are not just short and quick posts. No!
They can have thousands of words and multiple graphics and pictures.

How are they blogging every day?

Do they have a big team or do they outsource their writing?

Well, some of them do that, of course.
But if you are just getting started, I wouldn’t really recommend paying for your content.
It is better to learn how to blog first before you give that task away to others.

With the right know-how and experience, you can write and publish long articles every day, too.
Take my website as an example.
I post an article every weekday. That’s my personal decision because I want to spend more time with my family on the weekends.
In my articles, I aim for +1000 words each and almost every post reaches that goal.

How Long Does It Take Me To Write An Article?

It usually takes me between 2 and 4 hours to write and optimize my articles.
That includes research and image editing.
If I am very familiar with the topic, I can get a 1500 words article done in 2 hours.

Now, let’s take a look how you can improve your writing:

My Top 5 Tips For Better And Longer Articles

My Top 5 Tips For Better And Longer Articles

1. Make A Plan Before Writing An Article

The day before I write my article, I will create a draft for it in WordPress.
In most cases, I have researched the keyword already, too.
All I do for my draft is writing the headlines that structure my article. That way, I have a better idea about where I am while writing the article.
This little technique increases my writing speed a lot and helps me to stay focused.
Creating such a draft takes only a few minutes. You can do this easily after you have finished your daily article.
I highly recommend doing this the day before you write your post.

Doing this the day before has a huge side effect and benefit.
Your brain already starts thinking about that topic, which will make it easier to bring those words on the paper the following day.
I often formulate sentences or even whole paragraphs in my mind and can just type them quickly, once I start writing.

2. Write About Things That Interest You

Is it easier to write an article about tax laws or about your passion?
Well, if tax laws are your passion, then I have chosen a bad example.

Most people are not a big fan of tax laws, though, and those will clearly answer that it is much easier to write about something that interests them.

If you want to make money from blogging, but are not a writer or experienced blogger, I urge you to write about things that matter to you.
Write about something you already know much about. Something that you are confident with.

The best thing about blogging is, that the niche doesn’t really matter!
You can make money in every niche!
Just choose your passion, create a blog, and make money from it.
That’s a shortened version of the whole progress. But it is what I am doing.
Read here how you can do that exactly.

3. Write As If You Were Talking To Your Friends

Write As If You Were Talking To Your Friends

Treat your readers like your friends

Don’t try to sound smarter than you are!
I often come across blogs that are filled with complicated and difficult words.
While this is fine for scientific studies and essays, it can kill your blog quickly.
Your visitors don’t want to look up words in the dictionary all the time while reading your blog.
Keep it simple, natural and personal!

That’s especially true if you are not a native speaker of the language you are writing in.
I am not a native English speaker, so my vocabulary is kind of limited.
But I hardly look up words to put in my articles.
If I did, I might use them incorrectly, because I don’t really know how to use them.
I only look up synonyms of words I am using often, to avoid repeating the same word over and over again.

How does this help you writing longer posts faster?

When you write the way you are talking to your friends, you don’t have to think much while writing.
Just go with the flow and say what you really want to say.
That also increases your credibility.
I doubt that my English is perfect, but that’s who I am. I am also a successful online marketer who loves sharing his experience and strategies. My limited English didn’t stop me from making money with English blogs.
Always be real and genuine. Your readers will appreciate it!

4. Leave A Job Half-Done

This tip might sound strange at first, but it is a great technique to break through a writer’s block.
Not so long ago, I had a few weeks where I was really struggling to write regularly.

Whenever I tried to sit down to write something, I just couldn’t get into the right move.

I asked other blog authors how they are dealing with this and they gave me the tip to leave the articles half done.
That means, you just stop writing your article when you have finished about the half of it.

Then, the next day you just pick it up from there and finish the article and start the next one.

How does this make it easier to write?

By starting with an article, you already worked on before, it is much easier to get into the “writing mood”. You already know what you are writing about.
Once that article is done, you have only written half an article and most likely have just started to really feel the words flowing.
Your brain has reached its highest efficiency and writing the first half of the new article will be so much easier.

It is also a great feeling to know, that you don’t have to finish the second article on that day.
Sometimes you give yourself too much pressure because you set yourself the goal to finish it in one go.

Splitting articles like that is the best way to write more efficiently, in my opinion.

I don’t always use this strategy nowadays, but always get back to it, whenever I feel that I am about to lose my writing efficiency.

5. Challenge Yourself To Write A 500 Words Article In 30 Minutes

This is another great strategy to improve your writing skills.
Give yourself a fixed timeframe and you have to finish those 500 words in that time.

Without that limit, people are often procrastinating.
They get sidetracked by other tasks that are not really important at that time. For example looking for related images or doing some more research.
Forget about research and images once you have started writing an article.

All that matters then is the article. All those words want to come out of your brain.
Let them flow and you will be surprised how fast you can write!
Writing 500 words in 30 minutes is super easy for me now.
Once you have mastered this, you can aim for more and more words until you are happy with your results.

On most days I don’t really give me such a limit anymore. But I am often surprised at the number of words I can write quickly.
It happens quite often that I look down at the word counter and already have reached a thousand words without even noticing it.

Try it and I am sure it will help you to write long articles faster, too!

Why Is It So Important To Write Articles Every (Other) Day?

Why Is It So Important To Write Articles Every Day

When people come to your blog they will often check how often it gets updated.
A busy blog is much better perceived than a blog that only publishes once a month.
Google also ranks busy and active blogs much better than inactive ones.

If you can, write a post every day.
If that’s too much, try to publish 3-5 posts every week.
In my opinion (and of many other online marketers) 3 blog posts a week are the minimum when you start a new site.
Once you have more authority, it is absolutely ok to blog only once a week.

But, the more quality posts you have, the better!
That’s another important aspect:

Your posts must have the highest possible quality!
If you write blogs that don’t help your readers, you just waste your time and energy.

How  I Make Money From Blogging

The site you are looking at is not my only blog.
I have other websites (smaller and bigger ones) in very different niches.
All those blogs aim to help my readers in one or another way.

My biggest goal is to help my readers solve their problems. Or give them the knowledge to achieve things they couldn’t otherwise.

On this site, Online Jedis, I want to help people become successful online, too.
There isn’t a greater feeling than making money from home!
All you really need is knowledge and a website.

Creating a website is easy.
Now, let me show you the path to knowledge:

Everything You Need To Become Successful Online Is Here

Will You Write Long Articles Every Day From Now On?

I have come to the end of this article and it is 1851 words long.
It took me about 2.5 hours to write and edit it.
I wrote it in two sessions because I suddenly had to help out a friend who got sick and couldn’t go to work.
(So I had to leave the job half-done!)

Remember, that this is the first part of my series “How To Make Money From Blogging”.
What I wanted to make clear is that you need to write regularly and often, if you want to be a successful blogger.
It has to become second nature.

Read the other parts of my series here:
Part 2: Find A Business Partner
Part 3: Become A Trusted Influencer
Part 4Create A Mailing List

Do you want to share your experiences with me?
Are you struggling to write long articles regularly?
Did my tips help you, or do you have better ones?

Let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to discuss it with you.

Happy writing,

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Moon says April 26, 2017

Hi Moritz,

These are really great tips!
I came across your article a while back and decided to try to implement one tip for each of my articles.
On the first try, I churned out a 1,500-word article (woohoo!) so these are really useful for a struggling writer. I usually have a hard time writing even 500 words.
So, thanks very much and continue to provide good articles for us readers.

    Moritz says April 26, 2017

    Hello Moon,

    that is fantastic! I am really happy to hear that my tips worked for you, too.
    I know they are working great for me, but it is a different thing to hear it from someone else as well.
    Keep on going the way you are now.
    I am sure that you will reach your goals and that writing long articles will become second nature.

    All the best,

Dejan says May 8, 2017

Hello there,

I own a website myself as well and am doing all the writing myself.
At what point do you believe I should start outsourcing?

I am also interested in the quality aspect of the posts.
Would you rather make for example 3 the best quality posts per week or 5 posts that are of mediocre quality?

Looking forward to your answer.


    Moritz says May 9, 2017

    Hi Dejan,

    At what time you start outsourcing your articles is completely up to you.
    I highly recommend learning how to write high-quality articles yourself, before you outsource them.
    Only when you really know what kind of articles are good and have high chances to convert, can you separate good from bad articles.

    It is a question of money, too, of course.
    Do you have the money to pay for high-quality articles?
    If not, I would wait until your site generates enough income to pay for the articles.

    I, personally, love writing.
    So all the articles here at were written by myself.
    This might change once I start with a new project/website. I always try to focus completely on one project.
    For older projects I higher writers to keep the sites fresh and active.

    Now to your second question:

    Always make sure that you are really happy with the quality of your articles.
    Don’t publish an article because you “have to” publish it on that day.
    I usually publish an article every day from Monday to Friday.
    But sometimes things happen, so that I can’t do that either.

    Yesterday, for example, I had to help a friend at his workplace.
    For that reason I could not finish my article yesterday.
    I will try to catch up today, but if I can’t make it, I will publish only four articles this week.

    Remember, you are your own boss in this business.
    You have to work super hard to make it, but you can still make your own decisions and take a day off if you want or have to.

    I hope that answered your questions.

    Let me know if you need anything else.


Warren says August 18, 2017

Hi, Moritz. 

What a great article on blogging, especially if you plan on using it as a source of income.
As much as I love to write and see my articles come to life on a web page, doing this everyday would be difficult, or so I thought. 

After reading your tips for getting this done, I’m ready to jump in a ramp up the productivity. Thanks for the excellent advice.


    Moritz says August 19, 2017

    Hello Warren,

    I am happy that I was able to give you some useful tips on how to improve your productivity.
    Writing regularly is really important, especially when your blog is still young.
    Later, you can reduce the frequency a bit if you want.

    All the best,

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