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Is The Email Processing Home Business The Real Deal?

Email Processing Home Business

Many people dream of making money from home.
But is the Email Processing Home Business the real deal? Can you really make money by just writing emails?

If you have come across one of those people or ads which claim that you can make $20 or more USD for each email you sent, you have to read my following article!

If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is nothing but a cheap attempt of trying to get your hard earned money.

What Is The Email Processing Home Business?

Before I get into more details, have a look at my quick overview:

Name: Email Processing Home Business

Type of Business: Post ads on multiple platforms + Write/answer emails

Good for: People who like to spam and scam other people (don’t be that guy!)

Scam or legit: Scam! Don’t join!

Summary: Email Processing Home Business is trying to convince you that you make $25 USD for each email you send. The truth is, that you will have to spam multiple sites like Craigslist with your ads first. Then, you have to wait and hope that someone joins the program and contacts you per email. You answer those emails with copy/paste replies. Again, you have to hope that someone buys through your links. Only then will you receive a commission.

Keep on reading, if you want to know exactly why I call this program a scam.

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Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Email Processing Home Business

When you get to their landing page, you are greeted by this “promising” header:

email processing home business scam

Flashy, right?
It literally hurts my eyes when I look at it too long.

Whenever an “opportunity” like this guarantees success, you can just leave the site immediately.
Nobody can ever guarantee that you will be successful in online marketing.
In this case, they even did it twice!

Another big red flag is the word “easy”. Again, it’s never really easy to make money online.

If you want to be successful in the online world, you have to work hard for it!
Once you know how to do it, it does get easier, but you still have to put in the work first.

Now, let’s move on and look behind those big promises and see what you are supposed to do to make “$1000’s every week from home”.
(Don’t expect too much. It is pretty hilarious and absolute nonsense.)

Your Job At The Email Processing Home Business

email processing home business fake promises

Don’t fall for their false promises!

The video on the homepage is relatively well done.
It starts with a TV clip about a woman who is working from home successfully.
Of course, this video has nothing to do with this business here. It is just a random clip to make it look more real.

Then there are some guys talking about how they made money by processing emails.
Never trust in those testimonials.
Do you know how easy it is to get fake testimonials like that?
Just head over to fiverr and type “testimonials” in the search bar. There are people who offer this as a service!
Those are actors paid to lure you into buying bad products nobody needs!

Ok, what are you supposed to do, to make that $25 USD per email:

  • post as many premade ads as possible on Craigslists, Facebook, and other sites
  • hope that someone signs up for the same program you are promoting
  • answer their emails with premade emails (which are bullying them to buy more and very expensive products)
  • get paid for sending those emails

As you can clearly see, you only get paid when someone joins the program, too.
You will have to post a lot of ads in order to get even one sale.
Especially, with a landing page that screams scam loudly!

Did you really think, you’d get paid for just sending emails?
Come on! Just think a bit, before you believe obvious lies like this.

Who would pay $25 USD for a job you can do within a few seconds? Even an automated program could do this. You don’t need a real person to send those emails.
But you need a real person to post those ads on Craigslist!
That’s what the whole thing is really about.
Spamming those sites to reach as many people as possible in order to make a few sales.

You could easily get banned from those sites if you post too many of your ads.

Are You Ready To Scam Helpless Victims Just To Make A Few Bucks?

Is Email Processing Home Business A Scam

Don’t make money on someone else’s back!

Even if you are making some sales with this technique.
You will be bullying people into buying overpriced products they don’t want.
You could very well destroy their life by sending those sketchy emails.

I don’t know about you, but I would never do something like this.

I stand for legit and genuine online businesses and hope you will follow my suggestions.

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My Final Verdict About The Email Processing Home Business

You already know my opinion, but I say it again:

This offer is a scam!

Don’t you ever think of paying money for a sketchy product like this.
Here are the main points why it is a scam:

  • a (crappy) landing page that makes false promises
  • fake testimonials
  • you are supposed to spam your ads everywhere
  • you are supposed to bully other people into buying overpriced products
  • no money back guarantee
  • no free trial
  • no real 10n1 coaching

When I came across their website, I really couldn’t believe it!
To the eye of an experienced marketer, it is obvious that this is just a poor attempt to lure beginners into blindly buying it.
And I do believe that too many people are actually doing it.

How I Make Money From Home Every Day

There is a much better way to make money online!

I can’t make you any promises as that wouldn’t make me better than those scammers I have been writing about today.
No, I won’t promise you that you will start making money within a few days or weeks.
But I can tell you, that my recommendation offers the best training and best tools you need to succeed online.

The best thing:

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Yes, you can join for free and even start the training. You can talk to thousands of real members in live chat and ask them about their opinions.
You also can stay a free member as long as you like.
Of course, you won’t get the complete training for free.
The free trial is there to get the idea about what all that is about. Whether it suits you or not.

Once you have decided that it is the right thing for you, you can join the premium membership.
After that, there will be no additional upsell.
You can go yearly, to get a huge discount, but you will have total access as a normal monthly member, too.

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What Is Your Opinion On This Scam?

I call it a scam and I stand by my opinion.
What to you think about it? Do you think that the Email Processing Home Business is legit?

Let me know your opinion in the comments and I will get back to you shortly.


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Simon Crowe in Asia says May 8, 2017

I came across the Email Processing Home Business program recently and although I thought what they were saying sounded too good to be true.
I hoped it would be what I’m looking for but as you say, it looks like it’s just a scam.

There are so many scams online it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s not.
Thank you for exposing this scam and for your recommendation, I will be looking into that now.


    Moritz says May 9, 2017

    Hey Simon,

    glad to see you on another post of mine.

    You are absolutely right. There are so many scams out there! It is crazy.
    I mostly try to focus on the positive things. That’s why I try to review (and recommend) offers that really work.
    But if there is a scam that gets too “popular” I just have to write about it!

    Wealthy Affiliate is a much better and safe option.
    You can check it out for free and see what it’s all about, before you pay a single dollar for it.

    Hope to see you there.

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