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How To Make Money From Blogging – Find A Business Partner

How To Make Money From Blogging Find A Business Partner

This is part two of my series “How To Make Money From Blogging”.
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I am discussing today why it is important for your blog to find a business partner as early as possible.
Why do you need a business partner?
Where do you find one and what types of partners are there?

All this and more will be explained in the following article:

Why Should You Find A Business Partner?

Maybe you are just blogging for fun and are not even thinking about making money from blogging.
But if that was the case, you wouldn’t be reading this, right?

Most bloggers come, sooner or later, to the conclusion that it would be nice to make some money with their blog.
Wouldn’t it be great to make money from something you love doing?
Many people love sharing their experiences and wisdom on the internet.
That’s why social media platforms are so successful.

But in order to make money, you will have to find a business partner.
Don’t worry, it is actually pretty easy to find one. Even for absolute beginners.

So, to answer the question above:
You need some kind of partner in order to make money.
Just writing a blog will not make you rich.

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Read on to find out what types of business partners are available:

What Types Of Business Partners Are There?

Types Of Business Partners

When I say “business partners” I mean opportunities to monetize your blog. In most cases, those are not actually people.
Here’s a list of those opportunities that are easily accessible:

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Advertising Platforms
  • Paid Guest Bloggers
  • Become An Influencer
  • Create Digital Products

Those are 5 great monetizing strategies almost everybody can use.
Some are easy to utilize, others need more time and effort.

I will get into more detail about that a little bit later.

This Is How You Find Your First Partner

Before you start hunting for partners, you have to think about what your blog is really about.
What is the niche of your blog?
Try to narrow it down as much as possible.

1. Find An Affiliate Partner

Then, type “your niche + affiliate program” into Google.
That will spit out multiple companies that offer products in your niche. They also have an affiliate program, which means that you can promote their products for free.
Whenever you recommend one of the products of your partner, and someone clicks on your affiliate link, you will earn commissions for every sale.

Can’t find a good partner in your niche?
Consider joining the affiliate program of Amazon.
They have an endless number of products in every niche you can think of.
All those products are part of their affiliate program.

2. Join An Advertising Platform

You can do this early on. But if you don’t get at least 100+ visitors to your blog every day, you won’t make much money from this.
The best-known platform for displaying ads is Adsense.
They are starting to getting a bit more strict before accepting partners, but when you have a blog with constant visitor numbers, they will accept you gladly.
Of course, your content must apply to their rules. So, make sure you read them before you apply.

As a beginner with low traffic, I’d recommend to just join an affiliate program.
Once you have more visitors, you can try to get more partners on board.

Which Partner Is The Best For Beginners?

I already mentioned it before:
Affiliate programs are the best partners for beginners.

My #1  Recommendation For Beginners Is Amazon

Amazon is very easy to join (sign up here).
You do need a website with at least 5-10 high-quality articles on your website.
Once you have that, they will accept your application.

Then, you have 90 days to make a sale. After that initial sale, you are officially their partner.
And you will stay their partner, as long as you don’t break one of their rules.

Their commission rates are not that great.
They are fixed and range from 0-10% depending on the category.
Try to promote things in one of those higher commissioned categories and you can make more money with fewer sales.

Business Partners For Advanced Bloggers

Business Partners For Advanced Bloggers

Affiliate programs are great for beginners and pros.
So, if you are feeling to keep doing that, that’s absolutely fine. You absolutely can make a full-time income with affiliate marketing!

But when you are starting to become an authority in your niche, there are so many ways to monetize your blog.
It is mind blowing!

There are the aforementioned ads, of course.
You can make good money from them when you get loads of visitors every day.

However, I want to focus on some strategies now that are more advanced.

1. Make Money With Sponsored Posts

It gets even more interesting when you get paid by people or companies, that want to write articles for you!
That’s called Guest Blogging or Sponsored Posts.
You don’t really have to do anything special to make that happen.
Just keep writing high-quality blogs and become an authority.
Companies will get aware of you and when they like your site and reach, they will contact you.
Those sponsored posts will have backlinks to their websites, of course. It is like advertising for them.
But you can make some pretty nice extra money with that.

2. Become An Influencer

The “influencer business” is huge.
Most likely you know a few famous Instagrammers that make loads of money by posting images on Instagram.
You can become one of them.
Link your website with an Instagram account and post images there regularly.

Build up a following and once you have reached a few thousand followers, you can sign up on sites like Webfluential for shoutouts.
Companies or marketers will contact you and ask you to promote their product or service on Instagram.
When you have a large and active following you can get paid hundreds of dollars for just one shoutout.

3. Create Digital Products

Digital products are great to make money or to collect emails.
When you are confident with blogging, you also will have no problem with writing an ebook.
You can offer those ebooks either on your website or on Amazon.

You also can sell tutorials.

Be creative and you will find many different kinds of digital products you can sell.

You can sell thousands of those easily, once you have made yourself a name with your blog.

These Are My Business Partners

Most of my sites are affiliate sites.
Therefore, many of them are partnered with Amazon. Amazon might not have the best commissions, but it is much easier to make sales with them.
Everybody knows and trusts Amazon.

I have other affiliate partners, too. It took me a while to get accepted by them, but I make regular commissions with them now.
One of those other affiliate programs is ClickBank.
If you want to recommend digital products, this is the partner you should join!

I am also working with Adsense and sponsored posts.

How I Learned To Make Money Online

How I Learned To Make Money Online

I hope, you understand that your opportunities online are limitless.
You sometimes have to think outside the box and grab opportunities as they appear.

This might be a lot to take in but it is really not that difficult.
The best advice I can give is to start slowly and build up your blog and business over time.

You definitely need some sort of plan and guideline for that. Just as I did!

Luckily, I found a step-by-step guide that taught me everything about online marketing you need to know.
You really should take a look at it.
It has a free trial and if you don’t like it, you can just leave it without any problems.

Check Out The #1 Resource For Making Money From Blogging

It’s Your Turn

You know now that an important part of making money from blogging is to find a business partner.
There are many options for every type of blog or business.

Which will you choose?
Or are you already making money online?

Drop me some lines in the comments and I will get back to you shortly.
And don’t forget to read the other parts of the series:
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Part 4Create A Mailing List

Have a great day,

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Amit Misal says May 8, 2017

Hi Moritz,

I am glad you made a site dedicated to all the aspects of online marketing.

The business partners that you have mentioned are a must-have, if you wish to succeed online and get a full-time revenue.
I am signing up for your no 1 recommendation now. Seems to be very helpful, too.


    Moritz says May 9, 2017

    Hello Amit,

    Finding a business partner is crucial for your online success.
    You need to find ways to make money from your blog somehow, right?

    I am happy that you find my website helpful.
    Let me know if there is something I can help you with.
    Either here or at Wealthy Affiliate, if you choose to sign up there.

    All the best,

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