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Is Binary Options Trading A Safe Way To Make Money?

Is Binary Options Trading A Safe Way To Make Money

There is still a lot of fuss going on about Binary Options Trading.
So, I decided to give you all the information you need before you consider starting with binary options.
Are binary options a safe way to make money?

Learn what it really is about and what risks are involved.

I am going to use easy-to-understand vocabulary in this article. This is not a post you would find in a Wallstreet magazine.
The goal of the following article is to make sure everybody really knows what is going on with binary options.

What Are Binary Options?

How Does Binary Options Trading Work

Binary options are a form of investment in the stock market.
Unlike with fonts or shares, binary options have an “all or nothing” attribute.
You either win a certain amount or you lose everything.

There are many outlets where you can invest in those options. Unfortunately, many of those have been exposed as scams and even the FBI is investigating some of them.

Binary Options are also banned in many jurisdictions as a form of gambling.

That alone should be enough for you to be very careful before you start with binary options.
While you can make money with them, the risk is very high.
Only buy options if you really can afford to lose that money.
If you already have a low budget, don’t waste your last money here!

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How Does Binary Options Trading Work?

First, you will have to find a legit company that offers binary options.
I can’t give you a link here because I don’t want to be responsible for any loss you might make with options.

When you have decided to try it, you can choose from different options.
The most common options are call and put options.

1. What Is A Call Option?

With binary options, you have to decide whether the worth of the asset you want to invest in goes up or down.
So, when you purchase a call option, you are thinking that the price of the asset will be higher after a set amount of time than now.
It is important to understand that you can’t get out of that trade before that set date and time.
You also can’t prolong the time.

Let’s say you said that the price for the asset will be higher in exactly 2 days.
If the price really is higher (it doesn’t matter how much), you will get a payout.
If it is lower or still the same, however, you will lose everything you paid for that option.

2. What Is A Put Option?

A put option is the opposite of a call option.
When you buy a put option, you are hoping, that the price will be lower than now.
If it really is lower when your option runs out, you will get paid.
If it is higher or the same, you lose everything.

Is Binary Options Trading Like Gambling?

Is Binary Options Trading Like Gambling

Is Binary Options Trading Like Gambling?

In my opinion, it is!
You just can’t know for sure how the stock market will evolve.
Of course, there are trends.
And with a lot of experience, you can read those trends.
But can you really predict how the price of a certain asset will be on an exact date?

I don’t think you can. There is always luck and coincidence involved.

Only if you have insider knowledge, could you know what a company is planning.
The thing is, that insider trading is illegal and gets punished with jail time and high fines.

So, if you don’t like gambling with your money, don’t start with binary options.

Can I Influence The Outcome?

There is no legal way you can influence the outcome of your binary options.
But there have been crazy and, of course, criminal attempts to manipulate the price of an asset.

There has been the aforementioned insider trading.
Others went even further and put lives of others at risks to enrich themselves:

In the beginning of 2017 three bombs exploded near the bus of the German soccer team “Borrusia Dortmund”.
They were on their way to the stadium to play the first game of the Champions League quarter-finals.
Luckily only two people were injured.
But if those bombs had detonated only a few seconds earlier, there could have been many fatally injured victims.

A few weeks later, the perpetrator was caught and the reason for this attack was unveiled.
He had bought put options worth thousands of dollars.
If there had been deaths in this attack, the shares of Borrusia Dortmund would have crashed down.
The culprit could have made over a million dollars!
But for what price?
Killing other people just to make yourself rich?

When I read about this I was truly disgusted.

Again, there is no way you can influence the outcome of binary options legally!

Are Companies That Offer Binary Options All Scams?

If you really want to start with binary options trading, you have to do some research.
Binary options have a high risk and there are many companies out there that can’t be trusted.
All they want is to make money from you.

Things to look out for:

  • Are they making false promises (like guaranteed winnings)
  • How much are they charging for their services
  • Do you have to give them access to your account/credit card

There have been cases that companies that trade binary options have taken money from accounts without permission or notice.
Victims lost much more money than they had thought because of that.

You have to make sure that you don’t give unlimited access to your account.
I am sure you don’t want to wake up and all your money is gone, right?

My Final Verdict On Binary Options Trading

Trading binary options is like gambling.
You have a very high risk of losing everything.
Quite a few jurisdictions have banned binary options.

There are, however, still enough places where you can trade them.
It is not illegal, but there are many sketchy companies that make false promises and don’t tell you the risks.

Make sure that you only use money you can afford to lose!
That is really the most important thing I have to tell you.
I said it before:
Don’t gamble with your money if you are already in debt!

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Let Me Know What You Think

How do you feel about binary options trading?
Do you think it is a good way to make money online?

Or do you agree with me that the risks are just too high?
Have you already started to make money online or are you still struggling?

Let me know in the comments below and let’s have a chat.

Have a great day,

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Roopesh says May 17, 2017

That story of the guy wanting the soccer team to get injured or even die just to make gains is truly disgraceful.

I personally tried Binary options on a software that allows one to paper trade. Though the company had training videos and explain the fundamental tools that one can use, it still ‘could not,’ guarantee a win on any option.

As you mentioned, it is a form of gambling and I agree. There are so many variables which one has no control over, once one puts their money down.

I like the sound of affiliate marketing.It certainly sounds less risky. I will be checking out your recommendation.

Thanks for this

    Moritz says May 18, 2017

    Hi Roopesh,

    thanks for sharing your experiences with binary options trading.
    It is only for people who don’t mind using the money.
    If someone is searching for a safe way to make money, he should stay away from binary options.

    Affiliate marketing is the much better option!


Maxx says May 17, 2017

Wow, what a great insight about binary options trading.

I have been tempted a while so start with binary options trading because I saw many advertisements saying that getting rich and making huge money with it is easy.

But I just didn’t dare to take action due to not much knowledge about it.

After reading your article, I am glad that I held back since binary options trading is more like gambling and with high risks.

Thanks for saving my money.

    Moritz says May 18, 2017

    Hi Maxx,

    I am glad that I was able to save you that money!
    Nobody, who can’t afford losing money, should start with binary options trading!

    There are other and much better ways of making money online.
    I’d recommend to every beginner to start with something that doesn’t involve such high risks.
    You can find out more about such ways here.

    All the best,

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